games and accoutrements that will not save you


fear & reason

a small game of big cosmic horror
based on Lasers & Feelings and Cthulhu Dark

in development

fear&reason zer0
fear&reason using the Year Zero Engine 10%-coming soon

Delving Dark (temp name
OSR style heart breaker-80% Complete coming soon-

Requiem Amongst The Stars
Into The Odd/Screams Among The Stars hack of a band of military and civilians in a giant space battle cruiser desperately trying to save the human race-coming soon-40% Complete

Die Witch, Die!
modern day witches who hate each other, one of them will die. A two player RPG-coming soon-70% Complete


What did you really want to learn by coming here? What knowledge did you hope to glean by fumbling into the unknown pages of this digital hell amongst billions of digital purgatories scattered about the wastelands on the far shores beyond the unforgiving seas of information?In this void you will find games and products to distract you as you hurl amongst the cosmos in search for meaning or perhaps a moment of peace.

But if you're still reading this, here's some more info on what the Void Cvlt is all about.

We publish RPGS, tabletop gaming lifestyle merchandise, and tools for organized play, open table play, and conventions through our upcoming Congeon Master App.
This is why our games have the following 3 features:

  1. All Void Cvlt RPGS are "Living Rules Games". This means that there is no errata per se, instead we use version numbers, much like software. Any additions, clarifications or updates will be made to the online rules and PDFs then noted in the change log. Rules will also include links to articles and downloads for SAFETY TOOLS to make sure you have what you need to make your games safe and accessible to all.

  2. Character Sheets will have a QR code that takes to the online rules. Here you will find the Basic Rules PDF you can download, free, forever.

  3. Fully Intergrated for Organized Play, Convention Play and Open Table Play via the Congeon Master app (launching in 2023).

We strive to make sure we are all doing better as gamers by making every effort to look at the content and context of our games to ensure they are as inclusive as possible. While we are not perfect, we believe that having a 'Living Rules Game" in place, we are able to make corrections as we find them or are brought to our attention.